Tractor allows you to retrieve tweets from a community using different search queries that help you obtain targeted results.


Search: Extract using tractor the tweets that contain the specific keywords defining your narrative (see tractor support for Twitter search queries) or leave it blank.

Date: Set the date range of interest or leave it blank.

Language: choose one of the following options (Any language, English, Spanish).

From: select tweets from a specific user (alias, @ or leave it blank.

To: select tweets sent to a specific user or leave it blank.

Links to: add a specific URL or leave it blank.

When your fields are configured press search and wait until the extraction is completed or until you are pleased with the amount of tweets retrieved.

Save the output as a CSV file that you can upload to your Contexto or Graphext site.


Query: "Analytics" OR "AI" OR "Big Data" OR "Data science" filter:links near:madrid within:100km

Twitter Operators: here

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